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Carpet Cleaning Melba Commercial & Residential floor and carpet cleaners affordable service, pet urine stain removal, serving Melba Idaho

Carpet Cleaning Service Melba

Affordable & Trusted Carpet Cleaners Melba Idaho

Hot water steam extraction provides a deep down cleaning but other systems do not suck the dirt out of the house.  We do, and we can show you the dirt we lift and extract from your carpet. Don’t take our word for it, contact us today and see for yourself why we have the highest reviews in the Melba area.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Don't think that your friends, neighbors, or relatives will not notice when you have stains or excessive dirt on your floors or carpets. Clean your carpets every 6 months and your entire house will feel cleaner.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

We use 200+ degree hot water in our carpet cleaning. The intense heat combined with our high-pressure suction breaks down and lifts out the dirt unlike standard cleaning methods will never achieve.

How Dirty Are Your Melba Carpets?

Different Carpets Require Different Services

Not all carpets are created equal. One price does not fit all situations. The more soiled the carpet is, the longer it takes. They may also require additional pretreaters to remove the soiling. When you call us we will as you a couple questions. The explanations below can help you answer those questions. This will allow us to give you an accurate price with no surprises.


Standard Level Clean

Light soil cleaning – no visible spots, spills, or pet stains

Are you expecting a last minute family visit?  Do your carpets just need a professional touch up?  Do you clean your carpets often? More than once a year? Do your carpets have only minor small spots? If so, then this is the cleaning you want. It’s best to take care of this before inviting over guests or relatives. All you have to do is move the furniture and we can go around anything else.

upholstery and carpet MicroSeal fabric protector

Medium Soiling Level

Moderately soiled, some visible spots, spills, traffic patterns

Do you try and clean your carpets at least once a year? Are spots or stains very noticeable? Do you have traffic patterns out of kitchen, halls, etc? Don’t think for a second that your relatives or neighbors won’t notice that you haven’t cleaned your carpets in a while. If that’s you, then this is the cleaning level you need.  This is the most common cleaning. Includes pretreating of traffic patterns and spots.


Heavier Soiling Level – Pet Issues

Heavy soiling many spots, deep traffic patterns, and pet urine

Is your carpet is a different color and it’s been over a year since you cleaned it last? Spots, pet stains, urine odor, traffic patterns kind of blend together? We have the specialty cleaners and equipment to literally restore most carpet, even neglected carpet. Challenge us, put us to the test. If you think the only thing you can do is replace it, let us take on a room. No, we can remove everything, but it is amazing what we can.

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Pet Urine, Odor, Decontamination

Pet Problems – Urine stains – need odor control? Let us help.

Whether you have, once had, or wish you didn’t have pets? We have the best pet problem products available. We understand just cleaning your carpets won’t solve the odor problem. It takes special skill and products, and a machine that sucks out the urine. Products to specifically neutralize the actual problem. Its not about one product, its about a series of steps and products to fix it.

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Say Goodbye to Set-In Stains And Dirty Carpets

Three Room Carpet Cleaning Special

We use extremely hot water to deep clean your carpets.

One of the first things you’ll notice about hot water steam extraction is that it provides a deep down cleaning. Other systems do not suck the dirt out of the house, we do and we can show you the dirt. Other methods only clean the surface of the carpet and not the inner fiber where the dirt is trapped and hides.

On the contrary, when you use hot water extraction, 200+ degree water is injected at high-speed deep down into the fiber breaking down and suspending the soil, greases, pet stains, drinks and food particles. Then our powerful blowers provide massive suction to remove the suspended soils, lift it up, and remove it out of your home.

The result is ultra clean pristine clean. Your dry time varies depending on how soiled the carpet is, but is still dries fast and efficient. And you see and know your carpet fiber is clean.

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Mistakes will happen.

It’s true… Not only will kids and pets make mistakes, but even us (much wiser) adults have been know to ruin carpets in the blink of an eye. So don’t live like you’re always afraid to make a mistake. All American Carpet Cleaning is just a phone call away!

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upholstery and carpet MicroSeal fabric protector

Ya' gotta love 'em!

Take time to remember, they looked so cute in the pet store and more times than not – they’re your closest little buddy and friend! So when they make a boo-boo and they stain your carpet, just remind yourself that they didn’t mean to – then call us. 😉

Commercial Carpets

There’s nothing worse than loyal customers or potential clients walking on dirty or stained floors when you’re trying to make a great first impression for company. Especially when those floors are a part of the reputation attached to your business!

move in move out carpet cleaning service Idaho

Enjoy your carpets!

Since the invention of “the chair” – human beings have always felt more dignified when sitting in a chair, on a sofa, or somewhere off the ground. But you’ve got to admit that it feels great to sprawl out on a really clean carpet. Schedule Today.

Hire a carpet cleaning expert today!

We set the standard for carpet cleaning in Melba!

The most important thing to consider when cleaning your carpet with chemical, foamer, carbonated or a dry cleaning systems is all the residue that is left behind.

If you don’t rinse the carpet with fresh water where do the cleaners they use go? Nowhere, they don’t actually remove the cleaners they use. Those cleaners leave massive amounts of residue accelerating soiling. the smell of the substance used can also linger.

All American Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning uses Bio degradable cleaners to break up the soil, they are FREE RINSING (easily removed with water) and self neutralizing. Therefore, we remove all of the cleaners we use, which leaves your carpet residue-free every time.

One small side note: We do offer and recommend ScotchGuard Advanced Carpet Protector it is applied after the cleaning to enhance the carpets resistance to wear and staining.

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Our time-tested cleaning process.

Experience All American Carpet Cleaning today.

Our pricing is simple, we charge by the room or item. Click on the red “schedule button” below to schedule our services today. Call us with any questions!

Serving Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Star, Middleton and all surrounding cities from Ontario to Mountain Home. We use a truck-mounted steam cleaning system to deep clean your carpet to:

  • Eliminate odors of all kinds including pet
  • Our custom pre-treaters remove pet, drink, traffic and daily use stains
  • Restore the texture and feel to like new
  • All without leaving any unwanted residue or toxic cleaners in your carpet

You’ll feel like you’re walking on new carpet again. Restore the look of your carpets by calling 208-504-2717 today for commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

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