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Move In - Out Carpet Cleaning Boise

Move In and Move Out Carpet Cleaners Boise Idaho

Whether moving in or moving out – it’s a lot of work!  If you’re moving out, it’s worth it to invest in a good and fresh carpet clean to either sell your home faster or to get the full deposit back if you’re renting. If you’re moving in, then you should start with a good carpet and floor cleaning (upholstery, too) – because you never know what happened to the carpets in the hands of the previous owners.

Move In Cleaning

Are you moving into a home or an apartment? Make sure you're starting with fresh carpets. You can't always see mold, or know what kind of dirt, allergens, or pet stains happened months or years ago.

Move Out Cleaning

Are you moving out of your home or apartment?  Clean carpets can help you get all of your rent deposit back in your hands. Likewise, clean carpets can help you to sell your home a little faster.

Say Goodbye to Set-In Stains And Dirty Carpets

We use extremely hot water to deep clean your carpets.

One of the first things you’ll notice about hot water steam extraction is that it provides a deep down cleaning. Other systems do not suck the dirt out of the house, we do and we can show you the dirt. Other methods only clean the surface of the carpet and not the inner fiber where the dirt is trapped and hides.

On the contrary, when you use hot water extraction, 200+ degree water is injected at high-speed deep down into the fiber breaking down and suspending the soil, greases, pet stains, drinks and food particles. Then our powerful blowers provide massive suction to remove the suspended soils, lift it up, and remove it out of your home.

The result is ultra clean pristine clean. Your dry time varies depending on how soiled the carpet is, but is still dries fast and efficient. And you see and know your carpet fiber is clean.

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Clean Carpets Sell

If you’re moving out of your home or apartment, you don’t really want to incur big moving expenses. But a simple and economical carpet cleaning can help your home sell faster or help you get your full rent deposit back.


Yay! A new home...

Who lived there before you? How often did they clean the carpets, tile, or grout?  What kinds of spills, pet stains, food crumbs, or other fungus and mold causing molecules are hidden in your carpet.  Don’t guess on your family’s health. – Call us!

All American Clean

We really deep clean carpets and floors… We’re certain that each member of your family will know you called the right company to help you with your move in or your move out cleaning.  Let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to – schedule today!

tile stone grout and concrete cleaning service Idaho

Bathroom Tile & Grout

Bathroom tile is really pretty but it gets dirty and grimy quickly with normal daily use. Over time, if not properly deep-cleaned, tile begins to look dull (lacks original color) and grout gets filled-up with dirt, grime, and even mold. Call us for move in – move out cleaning.

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